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60 Years of Revenue Growing Experience for Less Than Your Monthly Rent

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Crazy that you can get all of Jon Spoelstra and my experiences in growing ticket and sponsorship revenue and running teams for less than your monthly rent.

The Ultimate Toolkit Unlimited is a radical departure from what you’re used to from consultants. Typically, a consultant would charge you an arm and a leg to show up and tell you how to improve your business, and then leave you to figure it out.

We’re flipping the script. We’re giving you all of the material from The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House and The Ultimate Toolkit – Sponsorships for $995/month.

Here’s what’s included:


Updated Strategy & Tactics. I’ve recorded all new video modules going step by step through the strategy and tactics to increase ticket sales including new material on:

• Sellout Strategy
• Ticket product development including perks, benefits, packages, groups and single game.
• How to negotiate All-You-Can-Eat with your food service provider.
• Ticket Marketing
• Sales Staff Structure
• Reporting

Business to Business Sales Training. You get unlimited access to our online B2B ticket sales training program. It’s the same material I would provide in an in-person boot camp and I still review all the videos submitted.

Group Sales Training. Our most popular online training program walks you step by step through the group sales process for full-time salespeople, seasonal salespeople and interns. Again, unlimited access.

Inside Sales Training. Don’t waste time telemarketing single game buyers without the right training for your sales staff and a digital marketing strategy. This online program gets new salespeople up and running and making calls in one day.

Sample sales collateral sheets. No need to re-create the wheel. Just cut and paste what my salespeople use on sales calls.


Some have called this the bible for dramatically increasing corporate partnership sales. It works at all levels of sport sponsorships including colleges. You’ll receive:

Sponsorship Strategy & Tactics – Video version. The video version covers step by step the how to on:
• Capturing all your possible inventory. In the building, media, online and off-site are covered.
• Building corporate partnership packages with Anchor Partnerships. Don’t just use a menu, package partnership inventory with a purpose to reduce the number of partners and increase revenue.
• Pricing. There is no science but gut feel. How to price your corporate partnerships to set records.
• Naming Rights deal. Stadium/Arena strategies, interior naming rights deals and more.
• True, traffic driving promotions. Retail promotions, online promotions, and more. The steps needed to truly create traffic driving promotions that meet the 5-Question Acid Test.
• Non-traditional corporate partnership categories. These categories are ones you normally wouldn’t even think of calling on but we give you strategies on how to develop packages that meet their business goals.

Additional tools include:
• Sample partnership proposals
• Traffic driving promotions already written up by category.
• Sponsorship sales training
• Strategy calls with Steve to help build and execute your sponsorship concepts.


Unlimited online course membership:
get all of our ticket & Sponsorship content for one monthly membership

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SEPArate offerings

Ticket Strategy

From Group Sales to B2B and Inside Sales, we have your team covered with these online solutions.

Sponsorship Strategy

We now have a 5-week or 15-week course that will teach you key strategies to ramp up your Sponsorship revenues.

Digital Strategy

We use Facebook Ads to drive new leads, convert prospects and ultimately bolster your ticket sales revenue. Our digital ads strategy has proven results, providing both high-quality leads for your sales team or email marketing efforts and conversions direct from targeted campaigns.

Printed Materials

In addition to providing strategic consulting, digital advertising and email marketing services, we can assist your team by making sales calls. We put a ticket sales account executive, trained by The Ultimate Toolkit team, to work for you.

From strategy & tactics to in-depth training,
we will help your team increase ticket and sponsorship revenue.


Lexington County Blowfish

29X ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Macon Bacon

10X ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Florence Flamingos

9X ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

About Us

Steve DeLay

Managing Partner

More than 30 years of experience in the sports industry as an executive, consultant and now team owner, Steve co-wrote The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House with Jon Spoelstra, the industry standard for ticket sales strategy, tactics and training.

Brandon Raphael

Executive Vice President

With more than 20 years in the sports industry, Brandon is currently serving as the president of the Macon Bacon and co-owner, along with DeLay, of the Florence Flamingos. He has worked in major professional sports, minor league baseball and college athletics.

Michael Brinkman

Vice President, Sales

Michael has spent 20+ years in sports generating revenue on both the team and agency side. He worked with Steve while in Las Vegas and later worked for the Minnesota Wild before joining back up with The Ultimate Toolkit.

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