Candidate Screening Tool

By Steve DeLay,

These days, it’s more and more difficult to determine who to hire for a sales position and whether they truly will be good at it.

You can analyze resumes, have multiple people in your office interview candidates and even give them sales aptitude tests. But, in the long run, it’s still guesswork.

What if you could put your candidates through ticket sales training and see how they do, before you take the leap of faith and hire them? Imagine the time, energy and resources you’ll save by knowing first-hand whether your candidates truly are 1) interested in sales or just saying they are to “get their foot in the door” and 2) actually any good at sales.

From our clients: 

“This program gave us a unique assessment of our candidates. We were able to measure their coachability and selling potential beyond what we learned in their standard interview process.”  Ryan Kelley, Manager of Ticket Sales at Arizona State University

“Using The Ultimate Toolkit’s candidate screening program was a tremendous benefit in our recruitment and selection process.  We put a number of applicants through the training program and found a great candidate who was a tremendous fit within our team. Without The Ultimate Toolkit’s candidate screening program we may have simply passed over his resume.  It was a huge help in shortening the time spent on interviewing and narrowing down the best candidates.”  Corey Bugno, Interim Team President at Winston-Salem Dash 


Here’s how the candidate screening program works:

1. Post your job and recruit candidates through Teamwork Online or whatever other means you utilize.

2. Review candidate resumes and conduce first round interviews.

3. Sign your team up for The Ultimate Toolkit Candidate Screening program. You’ll have 15 licenses for 4750 total. This gives you the ability to send up to 15 candidates through the training program so you can see if they are truly interested in sales and motivated to complete the program, practice and learn group sales.

4. Pick your top 15 candidates who passed your first round of interview sand invite them via email to go through Group Sales Superstar online training and complete a role play video. That video is uploaded through the system and sent to you for review.

5. Review all the videos you receive and pick the best ones to continue the interview process and hire your top candidate(s).

If a candidate doesn’t take you up on the training and complete the program, that’s a good thing. You know they aren’t motivated to do sales and you can eliminate them. Every time I’ve used this approach, I’ve always found some diamonds in the rough that based on their resume, I would never have considered for sales. Now, you can find those diamonds and polish them up with your own sales training and know you have a budding superstar.

To use Group Sales Superstar as your Candidate Screening Tool, just click below to get started. The $750 you invest for 15 opportunities to pre-screen candidates may be the best hiring investment you’ve ever made.