This is the great part.  You’re not sending your salespeople off to a two-day seminar, shutting down their sales for at least two days.  They’re staying at their workstations and working.  If you want your team to take the training over a three-day period, they will miss very little time doing their job.  In fact, they will be getting better while they are doing their job and their training.

There are learning modules and bonus content in The Ultimate Toolkit online courses.  Each one takes about 10-25 minutes to watch the first time.  If a student is taking notes, referring to each Module in the Salesperson’s Handbook and taking each Module’s test, that student should allot a minimum of about 30-35 minutes for each Module.  This allows your salespeople to work and learn at the same time.

So, the initial ‘classroom’ experience would be about four hours total. That four hours could be distributed over two or three days allowing each salesperson to make their calls.

Here’s why: There is one goal with our online training courses.  That one goal is to make each salesperson significantly better in a short period of time.

The very best way to do that is an interactive experience between teacher and student.  Steve grades each salesperson’s Final Exam video.  He copies the team’s Sales Manager on feedback and we give access to progress reports.  This feedback is critically important to the salesperson getting better.  Our online courses are priced inexpensively on purpose so that you can afford to enroll each of your staff members/students.

Yes, a team could do that.  Multiple students could watch the modules.  But, there would be the interactive experience for just one.  Only one student would get Steve’s feedback on the tests and video final exam.  Remember, one goal is to make each salesperson significantly better in a short period of time.  Teams shouldn’t chintz on making salespeople better.

Each salesperson/student has 24/7 access to the course for 60 days. Each salesperson has their own chapters from The Ultimate Toolkit, which takes them–in writing–step by step over everything they learned in the course.

They also have access to the training Modules to watch over and over. Heck, I’ve known salespeople that watched and re-watched the Modules just so they can quickly accelerate their learning curve.

tI’ll answer a question with a question: When would you want your salespeople to start being far more effective in ticket sales?

If it’s during the off-season, there’s plenty of prep work that needs to be done to make the selling season far more effective.

If it’s during the season, why not make your salespeople more effective right away?

There’s no reason to wait on success.