Now offering Certification
Programs for the G League & WNBA

Learn how to increase ticket revenue to raise
your skill level and cut to the front of the line to get hired.

The Ultimate Toolkit is now offering an exclusive certification program in conjunction with the G League & WNBA. 

You can pick training for Group Sales, B2B Ticket Sales or both. 

This training will help you jump to the front of the line for ticket sales positions in the G League & WNBA as they re-build their sales staffs for the coming season.

The training was created by Steve DeLay, co-author of “The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House”.  Your training role play videos will be reviewed by league Sales Managers who are looking to hire right now.  And, your best videos will be entered in to a G League/WNBA job board for teams to view and potentially hire you.  

Space is limited to 75 per month, so be sure to enroll today.

Group Sales Certified

Group Sales Superstar is a proven training method to help you dramatically increase group sales. It will teach you how to find the right group leader, what questions to ask, how to make the right recommendation, handle objections, make the sale and finally how to get the renewals and referrals along the way.

  • 12 modules to learn how to find the right group leader, questions to ask, how to make a specific recommendation and following up for success.
  • Up-to-date training modules for 2021 selling and beyond including how to ask for appointments, dealing with coronavirus concerns, handling voicemails and emails, and more.
  • Access to the new Ultimate Toolkit Slack Channel and weekly Ten Minute Tix Talk podcast with new ideas to help grow your career.

B2B Ticket Sales Certified

Selling tickets to businesses takes specific skills and training.  These skills are dramatically different from selling group tickets or selling to individual fans. 

This program teaches you how to get an appointment with any top-level executive, and how to make an effective face to face ticket sales presentation to that business executive.  That presentation includes what questions to ask, how to recommend the right product and successfully develop relationships to close the sales.  These are critical sales skills needed by G League & WNBA teams across the country.

  • Comprehensive learning with 15 modules for you to dive into the tools and techniques on how to get appointments and sell to businesses, taken directly from The Ultimate Toolkit. The material is broken down in to bite-sized pieces in modules 10-15 minutes each for easy learning.  We will help provide an easy to follow guide to spread out the content over a few weeks.
  • Two video role plays graded by league sales managers including a video role play of Getting an Appointment and Making the Sale.  Sales Managers looking to hire will be giving you specific feedback.  It’s your chance to directly impress the right people.
  • Cut to the front of the hiring line when your video role plays go directly into the league resume/video database for every team’s sales manager to review. You’ll be the front of the line candidates looking for jobs in the G League & WNBA.

Recent Successes

  • Over 1,500 sales people have gone through the program since its inceptionLicensed by the ECHL, G League, WNBA, International League, South Atlantic League and Eastern League.
  • Teams have seen a 30-50% increase in group sales
  • A salesperson in MiLB had a $32,000 sale one week after completing the course – a 107:1 return.

Teams Who've Used It