Instructor Feedback & Grading

To record your screen you must use either Chrome or Firefox      
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Recording instructions
  1. Click Record screen above
  2. When the Share Screen window pops up, select Application Window at the top (note: you must use Firefox on Chrome) and select your browser window followed by the Share button
  3. If you’d like to include a webcam overlay of yourself click the gear ⚙  icon above and then the + sign to add your webcam.
  4. Click the Record button.
  5. Quickly click the expand video screen button in the lower right-hand corner of the student’s video to make it full-screen.
  6. As the student’s video runs, click the pause/play button to comment and provide your feedback via your mic.
  7. When you’re finished providing your feedback pause on the student’s video and press the ESC button to reduce the screen size.
  8. Click the Stop button to end your video.
  9. Select a cover photo. This is the photo that will start on the screen.
  10. Wait a few moments for the video to upload and process.
  11. You can also add additional comments and a grade.
  12. To send the video feedback to the student click the Submit button on the form. 

Tips for grading Group Sales Superstar

As you determine the grade for your student, our recommendation is to consider these four factors:

  1. Did the student develop a strong rapport with the prospect by asking about their familiarity with the team and asking about their experience coming to games?  Was their tone relaxed and conversational in developing that rapport?
  2. Did the student remember to ask all the key questions to gather the right information from the prospect on the other group outings the prospect has done?  Did they go through their salesperson ‘cheat sheet’ and ask the questions in a conversational style and tone?
  3. Once they asked all the questions, did they effectively use the information they gathered to make a specific recommendation on a specific game, the right day of the week, in the right price range and with the appropriate amenities that the prospect mentioned were important?  We want the student to think like a consultant that is making a recommendation to help the group leader accomplish their goals.  We don’t want the student to just be an information provider.
  4. Did the student establish clear, specific next steps on what they were going to do next and what the prospect was going to do next?  This could be a follow up email, follow up phone call on a specific date and time or a follow up face to face meeting or some combination of all three.
Tips for grading B2B Ticket Sales Superstar mid-term

As you determine the grade for your student, our recommendation is to consider these three factors:

  1. Did the student sound smooth and conversational or did they sound mechanical and robotic like they hadn’t practiced much?
  2. Was the student quick and concise in handling objections the prospect threw at them?  Did they respond quickly and articulately and come back asking for just 10 minutes and a specific date and time after each objection was thrown out?
  3. Did the student nail down a specific date and time for the meeting and did they get the prospect’s email address to send a meeting notice?
Tips for grading B2B Ticket Sales Superstar final exam

As you determine the grade for your student, our recommendation is to consider these six factors:

  1. Did the student appear and sound smooth, relaxed and conversational or were they nervous and regularly checking their notes/cheat sheet for the next step in the presentation?  How well did they follow the script they learned from the modules?
  2. Did the student smoothly and articulately ask the five introductory questions and gather appropriate information?
  3. How well did the student do in getting the three Yes answers?  Yes, relationships are important.  Yes, a Kangaroos game is a good place to build relationships and Yes, that ticket product makes sense for our company.
  4. How did the student do in the math portion in making a smooth recommendation showing the prospect exactly how they could use the ticket package the student was suggesting?
  5. Did the student have a smooth conversational style in handling the prospect’s objections?  Did they ask, “How do you mean?” and use the Feel, felt, found method or did they wing it?
  6. Did the student confidently ask for the order more than once and then nail down clear specific next steps?