Two Course options to teach the strategy and tactics to selling sponsorships

This Sports Management course fits perfectly into any curriculum and is the perfect way to teach students the nuisances of selling Sponsorships in Sports.

By Steve DeLay

Corporate sponsorships – done correctly – could account for up to 50% of a team’s total revenue. 

That’s why it has to be done with the right philosophy.

I learned sponsorships from one of the sports industry’s titans, Jon Spoelstra.  Jon was known throughout the NBA and the rest of the industry as a genius in sponsorships, setting records in revenue for teams and properties, at all levels.  He did it at the Portland Trailblazers, New Jersey Nets and as a consultant.  Then, he and I did it at Mandalay Baseball Properties with teams like the Dayton Dragons, Frisco Roughriders and Staten Island Yankees.

Jon and I co-wrote The Ultimate Toolkit – Sponsorships to provide teams and properties the tools they needed to set their own records in sponsorship revenue.  There are hundreds of teams and colleges around the world using both The Ultimate Toolkit – Sponsorships and The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat in the House to increase sales.


There is a challenge to teaching students sponsorships.

With so many different approaches to sponsorship sales, what do you teach?  How deep do you go into the nitty gritty details?  With dozens of schools using The Ultimate Toolkit – Group Sales Superstar and B2B Superstar online training programs, the demand came for the same type of program for teaching sponsorships.

The Cost is Nominal:

  • Each school/student would pay by semester and have 90-days of access
  • Option 1: $45 per student and $0 per school
  • Option 2: $20 per student and $495 per school (students receive a $25 coupon code by email for checkout)

Regardless of your teaching needs, we can help you with the content in these programs.  To get a demo, give me a call at 702-493-2661 or send me an email at or call Michael Brinkman, our VP of Sales at 651-755-5241 or email him at  

We look forward to helping you and your students.


5-Week Course

This program is designed to provide a broader overview of corporate partnership strategy and tactics with video modules explaining the key facets of partnership strategy.  It’s ideal for an introduction to sponsorships, especially at the undergraduate level. 

Tied to each module is a chapter from The Ultimate Toolkit – Sponsorships for further learning and we include quizzes to help you ensure students are reading and absorbing the material in the modules.

5-Week Course Content Highlights:

  • Selling Anchor Partnerships. How to identify key anchor elements of inventory to incorporate in to major corporate partnership packages.
  • The Need for Big-Time Promotions. The reason behind why big-time promotions are so critical to success – much more than a logo on a tee shirt or videoboard feature – and how to create them for all types of partnership candidates.  In this, we include the steps to create big-time promotions using the 5-Question Acid test along with written examples of hugely successful promotions that have been implemented.
  • Building a Sponsorship from Scratch. With core anchor elements and a big-time promotion, what else can be included in a corporate partnership to balance it out and assure an impact across multiple departments of a company. 
  • How to Price Sponsorships. We go step by step on various strategies to price a corporate partnership to maximize revenue.
  • Who to Sell your Sponsorship to. Once the package is built and priced, who do you call on to sell it?  We go through industry categories, non-traditional sponsorship candidate ideas and even some really weird sponsorship prospects and show how you tie it all together.
  • Final Exam. Because we believe that big-time promotions is so critical to selling success, we built in a final exam for your students to create their own big-time promotion.  You can use this as part of the content or design your own test to make sure students have learned what you want them to learn.

15-Week Course

If you’re looking for content and a full semester of sponsorship teaching, our 15 week program mirrors what professional teams and properties utilize to ramp up sponsorship revenues.  It’s ideal for graduate level classes allowing instructors to use all the modules or pick and choose various subjects to cover in a full semester sponsorship class.



This program includes everything in the 5-week program plus:


  • Expanded discussion on anchor elements for your Anchor Partnerships. This includes signage, print, media, internet and more.
  • In-depth revenue of naming rights anchors including venues and internal naming rights strategies. How to package naming rights with other elements to set records.
  • Negotiating the sponsorship deal and favored nations clauses. The steps needed to maintain integrity with your partners and still maximize revenues.
  • Exclusivities and official status. How to structure exclusivities and why ‘Official’ status doesn’t matter.
  • Putting together the sponsorship presentation. We’ll cover both printed leave behind presentations and the pros and cons of electronic presentations.
  • Making the sponsorship sales pitch. Once the appointment is made, how to go through and actually present the sales pitch to show the prospect how this partnership will make an impact on their business.
  • Sponsorship activation strategies and the Annual Report. The steps needed to prove you’ve delivered for your partner and made the impact you promised.

Recent Successes

  • Over 1,500 sales people have gone through the program since its inceptionLicensed by the ECHL, G-League, WNBA, International League, South Atlantic League and Eastern League.
  • Teams have seen a 30-50% increase in group sales
  • A salesperson in MiLB had a $32,000 sale one week after completing the course – a 107:1 return.

Teams Who've Used It