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Our Online Sports Management Education Courses

Group Sales Superstar

Group Sales Superstar is a proven method to dramatically increase group sales. It will teach a salesperson how to find the right group leader, what questions to ask, how to make the right recommendation, handle objections, make the sale and finally how to get the renewals and referrals along the way.


B2B Ticket Sales Superstar

Selling tickets to businesses takes specific skills and training. This program teaches a salesperson how to get an appointment with any top-level executive, how to make an effective ticket sales presentation, recommend the right product and successfully develop relationships across your community’s business landscape.

Sponsorships (5 Week)

This program is designed to provide a broader overview of Corporate Partnership strategy with video modules, discussion activities, quizzes, bonus content and more. This course is ideal for an introduction to Sponsorships, especially at the undergraduate level.

Sponsorships (15 Week)

This program is designed to provide a more in-depth overview of Corporate Partnership strategy and tactics with video modules explaining the key facets of partnership strategy. This fits best into a full semester Sponsorship class, especially at the graduate level.